An Armenian Columnist Weighs on Ergenekon Terrorist Organization

Why is Ergenekon a political case?

Markar Esayan, the Armenian columnist, .

The discussions have resurfaced, as in the Balyoz coup case, after the issuance of the verdicts in the Ergenekon trial. I suppose this is not a proper opening sentence. It would be proper if I say that the discussions had started on June 12, 2007, when the initial phase of operations in connection with the Ergenekon investigation was held.

I was on a TV show at the time the verdicts were announced. Republican People' Party (CHP) deputies Haluk Koç and Adnan Keskin, who joined the TV program via phone, were very emotional, furious and reactive while expressing their opinions on the case. They were in an emotional state that only the relatives of the defendants and convicts in this case would have expressed. I got the impression that it was as if the CHP was being tried in this case. I also expressed this impression on the program.
This was actually natural because since the inception of the discussions, the CHP and socialist-neo-nationalist circles have been arguing that this was a political case and that the government has sought revenge against Atatürkists and liquidated the political opponents by manipulating the judiciary.
Even this argument alone was very arrogant, suggesting that they were the true owners of the republic and that because it was impossible to remove them by political means, the government would resort to this option to deal with the CHP and its mentality.

However, as almost all agree, the greatest problem in Turkey is the lack of an effective opposition. The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) won landslide victories in the past three elections over the last decade and expanded its sphere of legitimacy and influence; however, the opposition parties have failed to adequately respond to it. The AK Party accomplished this by the policies it has pursued and the growing popular support. In other words, there was no need for them to create coup cases for the CHP and its derivatives.


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