An Anatomy of Copycat Blogs-2: When did Fethullah Gulen Come to USA?

Some bloggers claim that "Gulenists create confusion by putting different years" with regards to Fethullah Gulen's arrival to USA. Yet in reality, it is those copycat bloggers who mostly claim that Fethullah Gulen came to US in 1998, which is not the accurate date. Let's see what some "experts" say about this:

For example, in Sibel Edmond's blog we see this statement:

My second example is more ironic, because it comes from a "credible source" which was highly attributed when defaming Fethullah Gulen. It is Sharon Krispin's "infamous" article from Middle East Forum:

The third one is also from a oft-mentioned source: Wikileaks...

The fourth one belongs to Sharon Higgins' website where she make ridiculous claims about what she calls Gulen Charter Schools.

Finally, the fifth one is from an Armenian source. Some Armenians, like Vanessa Kachadurian, are busy with defaming the Gulen Movement 24/7.

Had enough? I found these five sources very quickly and I can relate more of them without much effort.

So, what does Fethullah Gulen's official website say about this issue? The answer is here.

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