Bill Gates the Founder of Gulen Charter Schools

Appeared on Harmony Parent...

Here is some nostalgia for you. After seeing Harmony Schools were awarded with the $30M federal grant, those attackers must be very regret about their previous hilarious postings.
After reading a so-called Gulen Charter School blog linking Bill Gates to the Ottoman Empire and then to the Harmony schools, I couldn’t help but laugh hard. Some blogs are calling those publicly funded charter schools as Gulen charter schools, and claim that Bill Gates funds terrorism. A good example of how a blog can take the issue to the extreme points…

The logic of the bloggers is quite distorted. For example, if a Yale University professor gives a speech at Harmony Public Schools or any Harmony Science Academy campuses, are you going to call Yale a Gulenist organization or a Gulen charter school?

The Gates Foundation funds other charter schools such as KIPP, Aspire Public Schools, etc. as well. Are these schools pro-Ottoman too? With this distorted logic, they must be.

If Bill Gates were to be the founder of Harmony Schools, it would only help the reputation of Harmony Schools. All in all, any publicity is good publicity.

Bill Gates Gulen Charter Schools


Delusions are abound for the attackers of so-called Gulen Charter Schools. I guess their favorite movie of their childhood was Alice in Wonderland. This is exactly what they say, verbatim:
By now hopefully more folks understand Bill Gates’ role in re-establishing Ottoman Empire as one of the founders of the Cosmos Foundation, a public charity, through the Texas High School Project.
It is one thing to attack a credible charter school, and it is another thing to blame it to be affiliated with someone called Fethullah Gulen that almost nobody in U.S. knows and then label the schools as Gulen charter schools.

Good read, huh?

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