Federal Government Helps so-called Gulen Charter Schools!

By Goose Network Blog

I read the news (seems a bit late, though) that Harmony Public Schools will receive almost 30 million dollars from the federal government as part of the race-to-the-top program. That should be a well-deserved accomplishment considering that Harmony Public Schools became a nationwide brand after they were featured at 60 Minutes.

But on the other hand, this is an ironic piece of news for the members of Goose Network, because these guys have been trying to defame some high-flying charter schools for some time and this latest news should definitely be a blow for their “holy” cause. I checked some of their websites and they mostly ignore this accomplishment, while some flagship websites, like CASILIPS, question the criteria of the Department of the Education for the selection. I see that Goose Network members are trying to hide the truth by ignoring it. Guys… please stop it, you are embarrassing yourselves.

Now that Harmony Public Schools will be receiving the federal aid, are you going to stop defaming these schools as Gulen Charter Schools? Or will you go too far by claiming that the White House is helping Fethullah Gulen (!) I don’t think you will act that pathetic.

So, one question remains for the Goose Network:

“Are you mad, bro?”

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