Hot-Topic Question at Yahoo Answers

The hot-topic of Gulen Charter Schools was asked as a question at Yahoo. I added the links here in this page.

Question was simple and the answer also looks brilliant:

Question: I am really curious about those so-called Gulen Charter Schools. Some say they are the best performing charter schools in America, some say they are very dangerous and deal with indoctrination of the kids. Which one is true?

I really don't know why they are called Gulen Charter Schools. These are charter schools and in our small town we have one of these schools and my two kids attend such a school. Indoctrination is nonsense, because we are a Catholic family and on no occasion did my kids come and report any indoctrination activity.

I also closely follow the debate that has been going on over the internet for a long time and the accusers of these "Gulen Charter Schools" are just irrelevant people with a suspicious agenda. For example, the latest discovery by Goose Network showed that among the attackers of Gulen Charter Schools, there is an Armenian lady named Vanessa Kachadurian.

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