The New York Times Celebrates the Anniversary of Fethullah Gulen News

Stephanie Saul of The New York Times has recently celebrated the first anniversary of her report about Fethullah Gulen, the so-called Gulen Movement (or Hizmet Movement) and so-called Gulen inspired or connected charter schools. In the blink of an eye, we have seen a lot of negative publication about Fethullah Gulen and some charter schools popped up. There was a long period of silence (like three weeks) and media guys pulled out their guns one by one as if they had some tacit consent among each other. Or maybe somebody has just pulled the trigger or pushed the button to defame Fethullah Gulen. 

60 Minutes segment about Fethullah Gulen has been both praised and criticized. But one thing should be crystal clear: the CBS producers did relatively a good job by ignoring the amateur blogs and the detractors. Dr. Kurt, albeit not extensive, also penned his review after the program was aired.   

In the meantime, the anti-charter detractors, this time aimed at Fulton Middle School in Atlanta by publishing a false report that does not come from a court or an independent and neutral audit company. This blue-ribbon charter school is also somehow associated with Fethullah Gulen. Really weird...

I believe everyone should keep an eye on the turn of the things, because it does not look innocent to see all outlets waiting a couple of weeks and suddenly start bombarding.

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