Donna Garner Pants on Fire

In her rare appearances in the media, Donna Garner is touted as pants-on-fire type of personality. This is one example I found on PolitiFact website

BTW, I "admire" Garner's courage to come out and say something despite her bad reputation in the media. At the end of the day, she will get some attention even if there are only a handful of people to believe her lies.

Blasting House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, as a "Republican in name only," the conservative Texas Eagle Forum says "he has much more in common with the Democrats." In a Nov. 9 newsletter, the group urges Texans to tell their state representative to vote for one of the other Republicans running for speaker.
Legislators will choose the speaker for 2011-12 after the biennial legislative session convenes in January.

In a section challenging Straus' conservative bonafides, the newsletter says he "was co-author of a bill that would have allowed Planned Parenthood to control public school sex education."


Some background: Planned Parenthood is a reproductive health care provider with facilities nationwide that offer family-planning services, including abortion. The organization advocates for comprehensive sexual health care and education.

When we sought backup for the statement, Pat Carlson, president of the Texas Eagle forum, noted that the claim originated with Donna Garner of Hewitt, a retired teacher and a conservative education activist.

Next, Garner told us via e-mail she was referring to House Bill 1842, a 2007 measure titled the "Prevention First Act," which cleared a committee but died before the full House could take it up. Straus was one of its 14 co-authors.

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