Cheating Allegations on a Teacher and Gulen Charter Schools

A teacher has been accused of TAKS cheating. HISD Superintendent Terry Grier recommended to let her go, but the result of the board meeting was different. Trustees voted 3-3 after closed-door discussions last week about the teacher, Erica Carmouche, who has denied wrongdoing. The tie vote — possible because three trustees were absent — means Carmouche keeps her job.

Anyway, I really wonder when people accused Harmony Science Academy, KIPP and YES Prep Schools of cheating, they tend to forget one thing: cheating is a malpractice that will somehow be heard by everyone sooner or later. Some charter school opponents accuse Harmony Schools of cheating (let alone labeling them as Gulen Charter Schools) and blindly assert that the whole campus went to the "cheating spree"! That is ridiculous. How in the world people expect us to believe such a lie? People are already standing tall against those accusers with their same old labels of Gulen charter schools.

One more thing: Carmouche has worked for the Houston Independent School District since 2000, all at Lockhart. She worked last year as a reading coach, and her salary was $51,241. She received a performance bonus of $1,450 based on TAKS scores at her school in 2010. Bonuses for this year have not been distributed yet. Those at "so-called" Gulen charter schools and other charter schools do not receive TAKS bonuses.

Maybe this will tell you something.

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