Cain and Socrates on so called Gulen Charter Schools

Goose media, lead by famous ancient journalist Cain reported the following common characteristics of-so called- Gulen charter schools. Socrates joins him to help enlighten their minds, and hearts to help alleviate the Fethullah Gulen phobia that seized them terribly. Goose network, after having indulged so much with Fethullah Gulen, started seeing hallucination, and wherever they look, they end up seeing the same bugaboo as a nightmare; Gulen media, Gulen school, Gulen charter school, Gulen UFO, GulenX, and the bugaboo comes with complimentary unsweetened Gulen chewing gum. Because it has been constantly nurtured by their sponsors and ducks, GulenX now turned out to a giant monster in their minds  chasing them day and night to swallow them virtually. They desperately need a help to wake up from this dreadful nightmare. Let’s see if Socrates can help a little bit.

Cain: Hey Master!.Did you know that one of the very first common thing among Gulen charter schools is their “focus on-what they call-Math?”

Socrates: Hey Cain! I am sorry that you lived in ancient time, and obviously don’t know much about progresses that mankind made after you. Please understand that this is the 21st century, and math with its practical applications is in every part of human life. In this century it is critical that students get exposed to math at school levels. Strong math skills are not only needed for personal life but also more importantly for the professional life. Therefore,  it is all normal to put math in the center of their curriculum. In fact one of the two famous test that each student must take in grades 3, 5 and 8 under “No Human Left Behind Act” in modern schools is Math.  I hope you got it!

Cain: Hmm,  not really, but let me pretend so.. I also heard that “Gulenist teacher provide free after-school tutoring.” I cannot understand why and how they can teach for free?

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