Gulen Charter Schools Attackers Linked to Ergenekon

This is very interesting that attackers of Gulen Charter Schools proudly admit their membership with clandestine Ergenekon organization in Turkey.

In a lot of comments including the ones in Texas Tribune and other ones, I found out that those attackers of so-called Gulen charter schools never deny their relationship with Ergenekon. Some of them are working very hard to stop Fethullah Gulen that they somehow belong to someone's payrol.

When you live in Arizona and when your house has been foreclosured and when you are the ex-parent of a charter school, you will gladly accept any kind of "quasi-violuntary" job to wage war against Gulen charter schools.

One of the members of Ergenekon admitted that they tried so hard to make officials reject the application of a charter school on grounds that it is a Gulen charter school.

You probably wondered what this Ergenekon thing is about. There are some articles about it.


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  2. P.S.
    With your many enemies, is it PKK? the Jews?, Alevis? Ergenekon- Deep state GO TEAM GO OR is it the Kemalist?

    The list is so long and you are overlooking the FBI and CIA that are also investigating you and your brethrens. Stop the arrogance, you don't own the rights to American schools or any other until you can fix the educational problems in our Turkiye.

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    You are taking money from their business.

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